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are you seeking relief from a sports injury?

Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse and or direct impact on the body. They can be categorised as acute or chronic.  Acute injuries such as an ankle sprain will have a fast onset and initially a higher level of pain in comparison to chronic injuries which have a much slower onset and a lesser intensity of pain and the pain may even come and go.  In the case of acute injuries activity may need to immediately cease whereas a chronic injury may not necessarily force you to stop training or playing your sport.

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Chronic injuries left untreated can become very serious and may require having to take longer periods of rest for recovery. Therefore, it is so important to be consciously aware of your body and listen to those niggles and tight-sore spots so you can see your Myotherapist early to iron them out offering ‘sensible’ injury prevention.

Treatment for overuse injuries may include functional assessment, dry needling, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, tendon releasing, postural correction and exercise prescription.  An assessment and modification of the training program may also be advised.  The body can endure a lot of stress however it’s about applying the appropriate frequency, intensity and duration, finding the right balance so the body can have the time to heal and adapt to the increased load..

Examples of impact injuires include, but not limited to;


Treatment for these types of injuries will include orthopaedic assessment, muscle and stress tests, dry needling, lymphatic drainage, massage to realign or stretch scar tissue, joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, tendon releasing, myofascial release, strapping and sports specific rehabilitation.  If you have sustained an impact injury treatment by a professional is advised as this prepares your body by giving it the best chance at returning with optimum strength while reducing your chances of re-injury.

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