At A1 Myotherapy we can treat pregnant women, thanks to the ‘Belly Pillow’, from the beginning of her pregnancy right up till the final few weeks.  The Belly Pillow is fantastic because it comfortably allows a pregnant woman to lie on her stomach enabling us to get right into those aching lower back, hip and tight hamstrings.


While the body is changing, it is put under immense pressure especially around the hip and pelvic region which can lead to dysfunction and although a hormone called relaxin is produced to allow the joints to move, this itself can make a women’s balance unstable making her susceptible to sprains and soft tissue injuries.

Pregnancy related dysfunction and injuries;

Treatment may include assessment, massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage (to decrease swelling), strapping, myofascial release, strengthening exercises, postural advice and stretching.  We encourage pregnant women to continue with relative exercise throughout the pregnancy and can help women return to their sport after birth giving advice in pelvic floor, core and hip strengthening exercises.

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