Post surgert rehab

Post-surgery rehabilitation is so important to consider as this will be the key factor in recuperation.  Not only will it promote healing and help you regain mobility, if you persist with post-surgery rehabilitation your healing time will be faster and it will give you the tools and confidence to learn how to manage your injuries and take care of your body.

Post Surgery Rehab

Treatment can minimize scar tissue and the correct rehabilitation exercises can help you retain muscle tone after major surgery.  Regaining and restoring mobility is also important during rehabilitation.  If not addressed problems such as frozen shoulder could arise or joints may become limited in range of movement which are hard to stretch once scar tissue has been laid.  Mobility will help get you back to daily activities and prepare you for more vigorous exercise such as running.  With more flexibility in your joints you will also be able to produce more powerful movements.  Participating in a consistent rehabilitation regime will help your body recover much more quickly than if left to heal on its own.  Many studies have shown that starting physical therapy as soon as you wake up from surgery can lead to quicker recoveries.  Finally working with a Myotherapist will give you the confidence to return to your sport you love without a fear of causing re-injury.

Examples of post-surgery’s that require rehabilitation;

Post-operative treatment and rehabilitation may include joint mobility assessment, joint mobilisation, scar tissue friction massage and manipulation, stretching, trigger point therapy, massage, myofascial release, corrective and strengthening exercise, dry needling, functional assessment and sports specific rehabilitation.

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