Important information regarding Covid-19

We firstly would like to thank you and appreciate your patience with the current pandemic that has changed our whole landscape in business and as allied health practitioners. We are being informed and have daily updates via our associations that tell us how to mange our clinics, new practitioner protocol and most importantly if we are still allowed to treat. We will let all clients know when when we must close.

Because our clinic was in the gym, we were asked to close. We have a new location set up temporarily and have a mobile service set up for call out appointments.

Temporary location

Our new address is 480 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill. Our tempoary location is only 5 minutes from our usual location.

Our online booking systems will continue run as normal. 


New protocols to minimise risk of spread of COVID-19

We would now ask if all clients please:

  • Sanitise their hands upon arrival.
  • Pay with PayWave.
  • Let us know before coming to clinic you have a fever or cold like symptoms.
  • Let us know if you are a high-risk person of developing the COVID-19 disease.

Measures we are taking:

  • Using clean linen after every client.
  • Sanitation of treatment tables after every client.
  • Washing our hands regularly and maintaining healthy hygiene habits.
  • Cleaning floors and equipment regularly.
  • Following daily instructions and guidelines as advised by our governing bodies including Victorian Government and Myotherapy Australia Association

Infection control certification

VS C19 Cert
LP C19 Cert
GI C19 Cert
A1 Myotherapy